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Monday, September 23 2013

“Digital art is well entrenched in modern graphic and film arts but with the advent of the iPad and subsequent portable touch screen devices it is now readily available as a portable, digital, full capacity paint box . Most important is that the various software packages such as Brushes, Sketchbook Pro and Artrage are intuitive and the artist is directly connected with the artwork being produced and not having to wrestle with restrictions imposed by the intermediary tool, the computer. Previously, I had occasionally tried these types of software and was daunted by the learning curve. However, about two years ago was introduced to the iPad and Brushes software by my friend Alison in the UK. I immediately began to happily make a drawing of her dog, Bella, a large beautiful lurcher who was sleeping at the back door. Together with the boom in personal computing, visual digital media of all types and my work as a geologist making computer based maps, cross sections and 3D geocellular models I am acutely aware that the digital world is here to stay. Over the past two years I’ve focused my efforts through the iPad and as is my want have created my visual diary. Selected images from that diary will be printed on paper and framed, or printed and stretched on canvas, and displayed in public for the first time at Bluerock Gallery.” - See more at:

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