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Sunday, June 05 2011

Summer is slowly unfurling on the high prairie. May has been pretty miserable but today the cloud and wet gave way to hot sun and mosquitoes.We got the seeds into the garden at the Smiths' place a week ago and today the radishes and Kohlrabi are just pushing through.

Friday night a heavy roof of cloud framed exaggerated mountains in a lemon yellow lens. A forty minute rain made its way down the foothills and my jeans got wet up to the knees. Hugo the poodle's coat went into ringlets. This year's steers were delivered on Wednesday. They are surprisingly friendly and came up to see us as we walked through the woods. They're clean and thrifty and are already a good size for yearlings. We followed them down to the lower pastures and they let us walk amongst them; wet hides, steaming nostrils and cud chewing jaws. Hugo stayed close but quietly whimpered with excitement.

The fields are full of alpine shooting stars and toadflax. Mountain bluebirds flit along the fence lines. But the city isn't far away; just along from the gate Friday there was a sporty little Lexus smashed into a tree in the ditch, crumbled hood, deflated airbags and draped in yellow police tape. Happily, today it was gone.

Today we went out to the cabin for my birthday. Check the garden; make tea with the Kelly kettle. The girls spray each other with the hose and bounce on the tramp. Shoot the air rifle at pop bottles and make pizza on the barbecue. See the Smiths who are shopping for horses.

Friday Julia and I drove down and met with Karen Gimble of Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond and left 10 paintings with her. It was very exciting meeting with her and we're impressed with the newly revamped gallery that she and her husband have now owned for a year. I had a very successful show in this space when it was under different ownership in 2007. Good to be back.

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