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Tuesday, April 07 2009
On April 1st, my wife Julia and I conducted a class for Ms Sherrin at Westgate School. The theme was self portraits as Picasso may have done them. I used David Douglas Duncan's 1957 book of photographs which documented Picasso's painting of a portrait from a stylised sculpture. On the Sunday prior, I made a copy of the sculpture in the book and painted it with the help of daughters Anna and Isobel (7 years old). On Tuesday before the class the two girls drew full face portraits of themselves and we did profiles by drawing around their faces onto a piece of paper. We then merged the two drawings before simplifying them into geometric shapes for colours and designs using tempra paints. On Wednesday I showed the children (16) how the sculpture represented the flattened facets of the head (full face and profile) and then we proceeded to go through the plan worked out with Anna and Isobel the day before. Great results in under 2 hours! The main tempra shapes were then outlined with black Sharpie. The children really got the point of the execise and produced absolutely wonderful images.
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