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The artist, Neil Dawson, was born in 1956 in the south of England and grew up in Toronto; he is a Professional Geologist in Calgary. Successful shows over the past 20 years in Toronto, Calgary, and London have led his work being included in corporate and private collections in Canada and the UK.


He says, "My father had been an art student so when I was bored as a child, he would draw an image and giving me paper and pencil, direct me to make a copy. Making and painting pictures became a habit which I have not outgrown. I developed the habit of always carrying a pocket sketchbook and drawing wherever I went, such as when commuting into London by train.


With the arrival of my first child in 1996 and then twins in 2001, I began to develop an acrylic technique which in contrast to watercolours better accommodated a busy life. The images I produce are a reflection of things and scenes I see in my daily life. The figure is often key to my pictures, from musicians and dancers to cowboys and aboriginals, commuters and workers, and lately, hockey players and my children."
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (403) 629-5116
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